Our industry leading Power BI Training Courses.

Every client is different, and we offer a range of training courses to suit your needs.


Flexible approach, outstanding results

Our trainers have been training teams on how to maximise the potential of Power BI almost to the day since the product was released by Microsoft. Our training forms one of our main offerings to our clients.

We understand that each client is different, and we tailor our approach and material for each engagement. Some clients want to get their employees up to speed with the basics. Others want to train their team to create reports in Power BI with their own data. We also train clients in how to manage the administration portal of Power BI. We help them understand how to get reports into the hands of users, how to manage security and ensure that you can change the data culture of your company.

Please find listed our courses and their costs.

1-day course | £1,500

Power BI Essentials

Up to 8 people

1-day training course. This covers the basics of how to get started with Power BI.

  • Connecting to data.
  • Manipulating data.
  • How to create visualisations in Power BI.
  • Creating your first report in Power BI.
  • Uploading a report to the Power BI Service.
  • Sharing your report with colleagues.  

2-day course | £2,500

Full Power BI Course

Up to 8 people

2-day training course. Day 1 covers the basics of Power BI. During Day 2, we work together with your data, putting what you learned on the first day into practice. At the end of the second day, you will know everything that you need to get up and running with Power BI in your organisation.

  • Day one covers everything in the Power BI Essentials course.
  • How to connect to your data sources.
  • How to present your data in the best way.
  • How to match a solution in Power BI to the problems that you are facing.
  • By the end of this course, you will be comfortable using Power BI in your organisation.

5-days training & consultancy | £5,000

Power BI Supercharger

Up to 8 people

The Power BI Supercharger course rapidly gets you up and running with Power BI. Whether you already have some experience in your business using Power BI or are entirely new to it, this programme will assist your organisation in becoming successful using the application.

The supercharger is more than a training course. We’ll also spend time with you developing a plan to put all of the pieces into place in your company. We’ll ensure that by the end of the week we can connect to your data sources, have an infrastructure in place and complete a training course so that your team can continue the process once the supercharger is in place.

What we work on in the three days will vary from client-to-client. We can look to replace existing processes, put an infrastructure in place to connect to all your data sources, create a roadmap for implementing your business intelligence strategy or develop reports using your existing data sources.

Where we operate

We’ll come to you

Your Office

The most convenient option. We can deliver training courses at your premises, to reduce staff travel and accommodation costs in addition to travelling time and business disruption.

Working on your premises provides convenient access to data when team members learn how to incorporate this data in their data visualisation reports. This is our recommended approach for most companies.

We can provide training for small or extended teams and have experience in working with employees with additional support needs. We can provide training to include sign language interpreters and cater to a range of additional support needs.

You come to us

Our Facilities

We have a network of facilities up and down the country that are available to us to lead training courses. These are particularly effective when your regular place of work isn’t free from interruption or doesn’t have resources for several staff to be trained simultaneously.




David has over a decade of experience developing business intelligence solutions. As our technical lead he oversees each project personally to ensure our clients are happy at every stage of development.



Sarah has a wealth of experience delivering marketing and customer communications across a diverse range of sectors. Her commitment to clarity and accountability is the driving force behind our client-centred focus.

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