Our innovative pricing structures.

Every client is different, and we want to give you a choice as to how you engage with our service. We offer day-rate pricing and a fixed-price option.


Our Pricing Models

We understand that different clients have different needs. We, therefore, offer a variety of different pricing options to enable you to choose an option that works for you and your business. There are several considerations with each pricing option that we have laid out below.
Whichever model you choose, we understand that our clients value transparency, and we always let our clients know what needs to be in place to ensure that a project will always be successful.

Conventional Approach

Day Rate

Time-based pricing is the conventional consulting model. We provide a day’s worth of consulting time and invoice a day rate for our services.

Our management team actively supervises the work that is being completed by our development team and will conduct a weekly meeting with you as part of the project. Our senior leadership team will personally ensure that the quality of the work is exceptional and notify you proactively of any potential issues which may slow the pace of development. This proactive style makes sure that anything that can slow down the speed of the project is handled well in advance, and an excellent pace of development is maintained throughout the project.

Time-based pricing suit clients who need our consultants to be embedded within their team. On fixed priced projects, we frequently bring our whole team together during more intensive parts of the development process to work on issues collectively. In order to do this, we use a bespoke environment within our office to achieve the best outcome. If our team working remotely would be difficult, then the time-based pricing model may work best for you.

Traditionally, businesses with complex procurement processes benefit from day-rate pricing. We always keep our fixed-pricing options simple, but we do understand that for some clients, a fixed-pricing solution may slow down the contract stage and may therefore not be feasible. Whichever pricing option works best for you, you can always be confident you will receive excellent service with proactive, ongoing feedback.

Innovative Approach

Fixed Price

We have a wealth of experience delivering fixed-priced projects. When we provide a fixed-price quotation, we’ll provide the details and cost involved with the delivery of each milestone. If this is a complex piece of work, we may well split the project into a few milestones. A short and straightforward project may well have only one or two milestones.

A fixed priced model relies on excellent communication between client and provider. With milestone work, each milestone has a commencement date, a delivery date and a testing window. That testing window is key to our successful delivery, so to be confident that we can deliver on time, we need to work collaboratively as client and provider to achieve this.

We also work on our projects, collectively within our company. For example, with our traditional model, using time-based pricing, our ‘on the ground’ consultant will still get the full support of our management structure to get the work done on time. Whichever approach you choose, our management team will discuss the project with you weekly to ensure that our team have absolutely everything they need to be successful, and proactively look for potential speed bumps.

If you’re a company that values predictability in project costs, is comfortable with us bringing multiple consultants to a project and can ensure that we have internal support for testing, the fixed price model would be an excellent choice for you.



David has over a decade of experience developing business intelligence solutions. As our technical lead he oversees each project personally to ensure our clients are happy at every stage of development.



Sarah has a wealth of experience delivering marketing and customer communications across a diverse range of sectors. Her commitment to clarity and accountability is the driving force behind our client-centred focus.

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