Some of our happy clients.

Our diverse portfolio of clients include organisations in manufacturing, financial services, property management and the charity sector.

Data warehouse and Power BI project for a new ERP implementation.


British Land had initiated a project to move its core finance system to a cloud-based ERP system. This created several challenges, including the need to.

  • Migrate over 100 reports to a new reporting system.
  • Create embedded reports in the new application.
  • Be able to report on historical and live system data.
  • Create a data discovery platform to allow for self-service reporting.

To support British Land, we worked to create the following outcomes.

  • We created a data warehouse in Azure to combine historical and live data in a database structure designed for efficient reporting.
  • Our team re-created over 100 reports in SSRS and Power BI.
  • We supported the roll-out of Power BI by leading workshops to champion Power BI adoption across the company.

Design and development of a new data ingestion engine.


Charities often use third parties to engage with supporters. Getting this data back from third parties was taking days, and customers were contacted multiple times. To avoid offering a poor-quality service, the team needed to ensure that the data was imported to their core system as soon as it became available.

To achieve this, our team designed a solution that would allow for data to be processed and imported into their core business system in minutes rather than days.

The process involved leading workshops to discover how the data should be processed. Once these complex rules were defined, our team created a solution using SSIS that imported files automatically. What was once an inefficient system that would take many hours, was no able to be processed in a matter of seconds.

    Data and reporting system to support food production at scale.


    Samworth Brothers were in the process of upgrading many IT systems in their realistic ambition of becoming the best food company in the UK. Samworth Brothers are one of the largest providers of ready-made foods in the UK. They are the leading supplier of sandwiches, pork products, and ready meals to each of the UK’s major supermarket chains.

    Samworth Brothers are currently undergoing a significant data migration process, which involves migrating several key business systems to a new ERP system.

    Samworth Brothers operate at an immense scale, which means that production planning reports are a business-critical part of the production process. We supported Samworth Brothers to design and develop a data solution to ensure that the planning system contained essential business product and planning information from other systems. Our team also designed dozens of reports that support this thriving and busy business.

      Design of a Power BI embedded application to support a market intelligence platform.


      Insolytics is a product that we brought to the market in 2015. The Insolytics product serves accountants, insolvency practitioners and law firms with key market information about the insolvency market.

      We created this solution using a range of data services. Much of the information was gathered from publicly available data. Our team developed a software product that collected that data automatically. To support the product, we designed a data extraction program in Azure Data Warehouse (now Azure Synapse Analytics) to bring structure and order to the data.

      The data was brought to life in Power BI. We developed a PHP application with the Laravel framework to host Power BI embedded reports. This meant that we could create a fully featured web application that leveraged the capabilities of Microsoft’s flagship business intelligence product.